Medical Injectables Services

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Our Medical  Director is Dr. J.C. Maytham.

Dr. Maytham oversees the  administration of all injectable services.

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BOTOX  $10 per unit

 DYSPORT  $8 per unit

Botox and Dysport are preventative treatments for effective removal of expression lines around the eyes, midbrow, forehead and upper lip. The effects last up to 4 months after treatment. Botox is also used to treat migrane headaches and Hyperhidrosis. Many drugs plans will cover the cost of Botox for medical use.



$600 per 1ml

 Dermal  Fillers are a corrective treatment for deep lines and loss of volume in areas such as the tear trough, around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, jaw line , forehead and hands. They are also used for lip enhancements and replacing volume loss from acne scarring and other deep scars on the skin.


$1600 and up 

The Soft Lift is a non surgical procedure that combines the use of Botox and Dermal Fillers to treat the harsh signs of aging. The treatment  smooths out the surface of the skin and re-defines youthful facial contours. This procedure is often referred to as a non-surgical face lift.

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