Medical Injectables by Dr. J. Maytham

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Our Medical Injectable services are provided by Dr. J.C. Maytham.

Dr Maytham has been part of our team for the last 10 years.

Dr. Maytham is well known as a consultant and trainer throughout Ontario.

Please feel free to book a complimentary consultation if you have any questions for Dr. Maytham prior to receiving treatment.


Botox is a preventative treatment for effective removal of expression lines around the eyes, midbrow, forehead and upper lip. The effects last up to 4 months after treatment. Botox is also used to treat migrane headaches and Hyperhidrosis. Many drugs plans will cover the cost of Botox for medical use.


 Dermal  Fillers are a corrective treatment for deep lines and loss of volume in areas such as the tear trough, around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, jaw line , forehead and hands. They are also used for lip enhancements and replacing volume loss from acne scarring and other deep scars on the skin.


PRP Therapy utilizes the healing power of isolated platelets from an individuals own blood to rejuvenate the body’s soft tissues. Cosmetically it is proven effective in face and neck rejuvenation and also stimulates hair growth. Platelets are separated and reinjected into the treatment areas. The process takes approximately 30 minutes. This treatment has often been referred to as “the vampire face lift.”


This procedure uses temporary sutures  to produce a visible lift to  the skin. Instead of removing loose facial skin surgically the Doctor simply suspends it by stitching or tightening up the portions of skin that are loose. This procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for the face, neck or jowls.


The Soft Lift is a non surgical procedure that combines the use of Botox and Dermal Fillers to treat the harsh signs of aging. The treatment  smooths out the surface of the skin and re-defines youthful facial contours. This procedure is often referred to as a non-surgical face lift.

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